1. Love the videos Dan! Wow. So, I learned a big lesson today (Monday). After taking your entries and exits course and learning a TON, I had placed several big limit orders back on Feb 1 (ACB – $7.57 and APH – $12.79). I had hoped to see a gap down and bullish reversal candlestick and woke up to that indeed being the case but my orders were never filled because they expired and the stocks were already at highs for the day. I chased and closed down (swing trade anyways lol ) Expensive and sloppy way to learn what the "GOOD THROUGH" option on the Term means 🙁

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  3. Dan the man I just want to thank you for all your info.I just sold 15000 shares of weed shares Wednesday morning at 32 dollars and bought 15000 shares of weed Friday morning at 25 dollars.I saved myself 105000 thousand dollars in losses.

  4. I appreciate every video you post Dan. As a newbie to the stock market your analysis and teaching are very helpful. Oh, and "It don't matter if you're black or white"

  5. This market just went up too quickly in January so now it’s pulling back and will continue higher probably by Tuesday or Wednesday. Their has been no bad news that will stop this market from going higher (S&P 500 and MJ Stocks) its all part of the market cycle.

  6. The fact that he didnt' even KNOW about the 8PM show + decided to conclude his analysis on how Monday will look SO EARLY either tells me he actually is continuing to undermine the value of macro level things like news and the overall market strength.

  7. In my HONEST opinion – this guy is once again making the same mistake and will bite the bitter end of the stick once again as he overlooks the importance and significance of technical indicators and completely forgets the macro factors once again.

    This video was posted 15 hours ago at my time of writing this comment, meaning this was released 2 hours before the HUGE CPAC meeting with Bill Blair that basically told the entire nation that July is basically 100%. Work has already become a significant and important piece and everyone is working rapidly/hard to ensure the July 2018 timeframe. Once again, this ChartGuys' shortfall is in his lack of focus and care to macro factors and what REALLY matters in this industry/sector.

    For those that haven't noticed yet, it's quite obvious the sentiment as Parliament has become rather quiet in the latter half of January, is getting weaker and diminishing because people are worried there will be a delay announced post-senate meeting next week. THIS IS THE JUICE AND IMPORTANT PART HERE. ||| THIS IS WHAT'S CURRENTLY PRICED IN + GLOBAL MARKETS MELT DOWN |||. I'm almost certain if the global markets can just stay flat or not continue dipping on Monday, you will see the biggest bull surge in the marijuana sector that will bring us close to previous highs.

    Remember. This entire market is driven by the legalization date and stock prices as well as market momentum is valuing the delay/non-delay aspect of this key date.

  8. i do belive in weed and last night i bought another 1500 shares of ACB and 2500 shares of RTI hope mondey we will see a rebound for if it is still crashing i guess i will have to put another 10k on weed or acb but after that. im out of money lol and will have to wait

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